All You Need to Know About Topical Pain Relievers

Topical pain relievers or analgesics are considered to be the safe and effective solution for everyday pain relief. Powerful anesthetic, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities of topical pain relievers drastically improve wound healing. Topical pain relievers such as BioTemper are widely used for multi-purpose pain relief from joint, muscle, lower back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, menstrual cramp, sciatic nerve, fibromyalgia, arthritis pain, migraine, headache and all other aches and pains. The herbal ingredients and instant pain relief provide safe and easy ways to get through the day comfortably.

Many healthcare professionals, doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, pharmacists trainers, athletes and everyday people worldwide recommended BioTemper topical pain relievers. BioTemper topical pain reliever is 100% drug free, non-addictive and has no harmful side effects of pain medication such as ibuprofen, asprin, acetaminophen or salicylate. Anti-inflammatory, rich, moisturizing, non-greasy, stainless, deep penetrating formula of topical pain relievers provides cooling and soothing effect for fast pain relief.

What Are Topical Pain Relievers?

Topical pain relievers are applied directly to your skin surface to help relieve aches, pain or inflammation. Topical pain relievers come in different forms and sizes such as roll-ons, sprays, tube, jar, gel and creams. They provide cold therapy through active ingredients like menthol which provides a cooling and soothing effect for fast pain relief. Topical pain relievers like BioTemper are formulated with homeopathic, all natural ingredients to provide herbal remedy pain relief. The high quality, colorless formula, of BioTemper topical pain relief products is paraben free and never tested on animals.

How Topical Pain Relievers Work?

BioTemper utilizes the pain gate theory through cooling effects of menthol. The tropical pain reliever help you overcome the pain, muscle ache and joint inflammation by blocking the pain signals traveling from the injured area to your brain. The cool sensations from BioTemper pain reliever results from the interaction between the skin and its active ingredient menthol. These cooling sensations are generated by menthol’s effect on calcium movement in the sensory nerves. For the same reason, menthol also acts as a local anesthetic and can reduce muscle spasms.

Topical Pain Relief products like BioTemper provide additional benefits beyond ice, cold packs, and ice baths. Similar to ice, BioTemper reduces blood flow to the applied area while increasing blood circulation in the skin. BioTemper quickly absorbs into the skin providing immediate pain relief.

What are the Ingredients of Topical Pain Relievers?

pain relief ingredients

BioTemper Topical pain reliever is formulated in synergy with elements of pain relief, anti-inflammatories, and skincare all into one easy-to-use product. The natural pain relief ingredients present in BioTemper pain relief products are menthol, camphor and arnica flower tincture. They provide sweet relief from nagging pain. Anti-inflammatory ingredients of BioTemper include boswellia, tea tree oil and lavender oil. Skin care ingredients present in BioTemper are aloe Vera, vitamin E and green tea oil. They act as moisturizers and are skin-soothers.

What are the different forms of Topical Pain Relievers?

Pain Relief Roll-Ons- BioTemper Roll-On can be used to massage painful muscles and aching joints. The roller ball provides perfect hands free massage at the pain point. The FAA compliant size of BioTemper Roll-on is great for individuals who want to keep up with their active lifestyles. You can carry the BioTemper while travelling or keep at work or in their gym bag. Pain relief roll-ons are best for athletes who prefer cold therapy on the go.

Pain Relief Sports Spray- Try BioTemper sports spray for hands-free application with a massage for hard to reach places, like your back muscles. Sports spray is fast-acting and quick-drying. For best results, use after your workout on your injury-prone joints and muscles to remain pain-free.

Pain Relief jar and tube and pump- BioTemper pain relief jar and tubes are perfect for larger muscle groups and for places where you need a deep hands-on massage. The large size of BioTemper pain relief pump is perfect to keep at home. BioTemper Deep Penetrating Gel pump is long lasting and really penetrates deep into your muscles for optimal pain relief.

For Enhanced Pain Relief

You can use Topical pain relievers like BioTemper in conjunction with different methods of pain relief to get more benefits. You can spray BioTemper pain reliever over top of the Kinesiology tape to get dual relief from joint and muscle pain. Massage therapy in conjunction with topical pain reliever can increase the effectiveness of the massage. Just apply BioTemper pain relief products after your massage for sweet pain relief. According to research, people with hand arthritis got better pain relief from topical pain relievers when they used them in conjunction with hand massage in comparison to hand massage alone.

Patients with Fibromyalgia and arthritis pain are typically advised to use hot and cold compresses. However compresses should not be applied at the same time as topical pain relief products. It can lead people to unwitting burn or damage their skin.

Doctor Recommended

Podiatry specialist and doctors recommends BioTemper pain relievers to treat inflammation, joint pain, muscle ache and other everyday pain.

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