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Overworked muscles, a chronically achy back, arthritis – these types of pain affect millions of Americans every day. BioTemper is a topical analgesic that uses the natural cooling effect of menthol to soothe and relief pain. It acts quickly, offering relief through cold therapy. It is effective when used together with hands-on health care from chiropractic, massage, and physical therapists.

BioTemper invests scientific research to help you find the best way to relieve pain. The basic science behind BioTemper are based on the Pain Gate Theory and Stimulation of Cold Receptors theories.

Pain Gate Theory: Working with your body’s own mechanism, BioTemper utilizes the pain gate phenomenon to help you overcome short term discomfort of muscle ache and chronic pain for joint inflammation.

Stimulation of Cold Receptors: As BioTemper is applied to a painful area, the menthol binds with temperature sensitive receptors on your skin. When these receptors are activated, it modulates pain signals through the body’s natural pain relieving systems. It works similarly to ice but with the additional benefits of BioTemper.

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