Topical Analgesics for Quick Relief from Knee Pain

Knee injuries and joint pain are common and make up about 30% of all muscle or bone related visits to a physician in the United States. The knee pain in the biggest joint of the body can disrupt your lifestyle. It is crucial to understand the underlying cause behind the knee pain and take preventive measures in order to stop the knee pain from getting worse. Proper management of knee pain and protection against further knee injury can improve the quality of life.

Knee Pain Causes

There are different medical conditions such as injury-related disorders, genetic disorders and arthritis can cause unbearable knee pain to anyone, from children to the elderly. Intense workouts, wrong posture and injury during sports can cause sprained ligaments, tears in cartilage, and stress fracture. They are usually caused by sudden trauma to the knee.  Bursitis and Tendonitis (runner’s knee) stem from overuse and excessive pressure to the muscles and bones in the knee. Osteoarthritis is the most common knee pain that occurs naturally over time due to age related wear and tear of protective articular cartilage covering the bones of the joints.

Knee Pain Treatment

Topical pain relievers are a great way to get quick pain relief from aching knee joints. The BioTemper pain relief spray and roll-ons are easy to apply and help you avoid pain killer medications containing opioids. The adverse health effects that accompany opioids are well documented. Opioids can cause serious damage to liver, kidneys, and stomach lining. Topical pain relievers are safe alternative to finding relief from knee pain. Topical Analgesics like BioTemper work on the principle of pain gate theory and cryotherapy. It not only provide cooling sensation to the painful area but also improve blood flow to the injured knee tissue and drain toxins and fluids that build up as a result of arthritis or knee injury.

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The wide array of natural pain relief ingredients present in BioTemper pain reliever such as menthol, camphor and arnica flower tincture provide sweet relief from nagging knee pain. Other ingredients to look for when looking for in topical analgesic are anti-inflammatory ingredients like boswellia, tea tree oil and lavender oil. Aloe Vera, vitamin E and green tea oil act as moisturizers and are skin-soothers. Swollen knee joints due to arthritis are not only painful but also limit your mobility and independence. The therapeutic ingredients of BioTemper topical pain reliever easily penetrate the skin and help reduce knee pain locally. You will be surprised at the ability of these natural ingredients to provide relief from your knee pain and joint inflammation.


Rub a thin layer of BioTemper pain reliever on your knee to feel better and reduce the pain. You can repeat the process as necessary but do not apply more than 4 times in a day.

Knee Pain Prevention

Losing some extra pounds is the best way to feel good and alleviate knee pain. Losing weight can effectively prevent osteoarthritis in the knee. According to a research, each pound of weight loss can reduce the load on the knee joint by 4 times. Healthy diet and regular exercise can reduce the risk of developing knee pain in the future.

Foam Rollers and massage can reduce joint stiffness and soreness by upto 20 to 40%. Massage helps break up fibrous tissue and boosts blood circulation which in turn reduces pain and provides instant relief from aching joints and sore muscles. Applying topical pain relievers at the time of massage therapy can be beneficial. Researchers found that arthritis patients  gained more pain relief from topical creams when used simultaneously with a massage.

Knee pain can be prevented by wearing proper shoe size, maintaining proper posture and avoiding sudden physical activities that put pressure on knees. Making healthy lifestyle choices and maintaining a healthy body weight is essential to prevent knee-related ailments.

If the knee pain lasts for more than a week or become worse with time, it could be indication of health issues like arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and other joint related ailments. In order to prevent knee related ailments eat healthy diet rich in calcium and vitamins such as milk, yogurt, eggs, almonds, tuna, broccoli and spinach and stay away from alcohol and tobacco.

Knee pain can occur due to multiple reasons to anyone at anytime. Topical medications can help alleviate the pain and comfort the patients. If the knee pain persists for more than 3 or 4 days or gets worse, seek medical attention immediately.

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