Topical Analgesics – The Solution to Opioid Epidemic

United States is facing an extreme opioid epidemic. Pharmaceutical companies worked hard in the last century to convince medical professionals that opioid painkillers are safe and patients would not become addicted to them. The side effects and addiction due to opioid drugs is no longer a secret. The misuse, addiction and incidents of overdoses of opioids have led to death of over 64,000 people in 2016.

What are opioids and why are they harmful?

Opioids are drugs that act on the body’s nervous system to provide relief from pain. Opioid receptor regulates the pain perception in the brain and soothes the mind. Though opioids are powerful pain relievers, but they can also cause addiction.

Opioid get their name from opium. From opium pharmaceutical companies derived other drugs with similar properties (some act just like opiates but aren’t exactly made from the plant) like morphine and prescription painkillers medicines like vicodin, percocet, methadone, fentanyl, fentanyl analogs (synthetic opioids), and oxycontin. Opium with all of these derivatives is collectively called opiates.

Opioids are helpful for palliative care. They have proved beneficial for cancer patients and those with acute pain following major accidents or surgeries. The use of opioids for chronic pain and minor medical issues such as back pain, sprained muscles or headaches is a serious concern, and one of the main factors behind current opioid crisis.

Topical analgesics as the solution for opioid crisis

According to a study topical analgesic cream and gel helped over 50% of patients discontinue the use of the opioid during post-treatment period. Topical analgesics not only helped patients with chronic pain find pain relief but also mitigated the risk of addiction, misuse, and abuse of opioids. Overall results, suggest that topical treatments provide an effective and safer alternative to opioids and prescription NSAIDs for the management of chronic pain.

BioTemper is one such topical analgesic that provides targeted pain relief from chronic pain. Healthcare professionals recommend BioTemper since it is free of NSAID medication. It is safer than oral pain relievers and doesn’t cause complications like drug overdose, addiction or other harmful side effects. People who are reluctant to use painkillers and want a natural pain relief remedy see BioTemper pain reliever as an easy and safe alternative.

pain gate biotemper

BioTemper works on the principle of Cryotherapy and Pain Gate Theory. According to pain gate theory, the perception of pain in our brain is regulated by nerve cells. The nerves transmit the perceived pain signals from the skin of the injured area to the brain via spinal cord. The cold therapy effect of BioTemper numbs the nerve endings of the painful area and sends a cold sensation to the brain. The cold sensation overrides and blocks the pain signals from reaching the brain. In simple terms, cold therapy gives our brain something else to think about rather than feel pain.

BioTemper topical analgesic can effectively treat all major inflammation related ailments and provide pain relief to people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune disorders, spondylitis, psoriasis, dermatitis, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, sciatica and osteoporosis. It also helps relieve pain that comes with sprains, sore muscles, stretched ligaments, injured joints and strained tendons. BioTemper pain reliever is especially beneficial for athletes, and gym buffs who suffer from lower back pain, stiff neck, muscle soreness and knee pain.

The huge advantage of BioTemper pain reliever is the fact that it offers self care and on-the-go treatment for pain relief.  An individual can be mobile, independent and active while it’s healing the body.


Biotemper topical pain reliever cream, gel, spray or roll-on can be applied directly onto the sore and stiff muscles. The FAA compliant size of Topical Pain Reliever Roll-On is great for individuals who want to keep up with their active lifestyles. BioTemper pain relief products contain ingredients like Menthol and Camphor to provide quick relief from chronic pain and muscle aches. With specially selected herbs and natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Green tea Oil, Vitamin E, lavender oil, Arnica and Boswella, BioTemper is gentle to skin and easy to apply.

Applying topical analgesic such as BioTemper instead of opioids proves to be a safe, non-invasive and drug-free pain management technique for adults and children alike.


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